My Favorite

I have so many “favorites” when it comes to why I teach and what happens in my classroom everyday. Here just a couple:

  • My favorite way to stay organized: Notability. I hate paper. I lose paper within minutes of first being handed it. Notability helps keep all of my papers organized in a place where I will be able to find those papers weeks and even years later. I use Notability to store and organize notes that I take at workshops, articles I find, answer keys, and student worksheets. My students are 1:1 with iPads, so I also have them using Notability to do all their note-taking. They groan at first, but then realize how incredibly organized it keeps them since they don’t have to keep track of papers.
  • My favorite part during a math lesson: The few times I get students to challenge and question each other. It’s the space between the right answer and the wrong answer. The space where a student either knows something doesn’t make sense and asks a question or he/she knows it does make sense but wants to know why.
  • My favorite part about teaching junior high students: When you finally figure out what makes a kid tick. That kid that’s been challenging for me all year. He/she is unorganized, disruptive, and unreceptive to any help or feedback until that moment when I figure out how exactly he/she wants me to relate to him/her.



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